University of Florida

Expected May 2024

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

GPA: 3.82


Software Engineer Intern - Grafana Labs Inc

June 2023 - Aug. 2023

Helped push the new Metrics Endpoint Integration, from scratch to production.

  • Helped bring to fruition a SaaS integration that began as a Hackathon project.
  • Leveraged Jsonnet, Tanka, and K8s for configuring HPAs, DNS rules, and resource limits to support the integration across 17 regions worldwide.
  • Independently implemented user-desired accessibility improvements across the connections-console frontend.
  • Asynchronously collaborated with colleagues across multiple teams and timezones, making contributions in all layers of development (frontend, backend, and platform)
  • Participated in a company-wide hackathon, developed a new cloud integration for importing NextJS Traces, Spans, and Metrics to Grafana Cloud. Now owned by the OTEL team who is pushing it to production.

Associate Software Engineer - Emerging Tech LLC

May 2022 - Present

Provided Web Development expertise and led development of internal CRM systems.

  • Leading development of an internal Gov. Contracting Management System for real-time proposal discovery, procurement, and management.
  • Created a scalable contract search microservice that autonomously discovers over 100 actionable government contracts every day and persists concurrent information on over 11,000 government opportunities across several NAICS codes.
  • Refactored and redesigned WordPress company website. Increased Google Lighthouse Score to 90 across all key measurements.
  • Worked as a consultant developing a website for another company, Gen Z Consulting LLC. Delivered according to stakeholder’s needs and requirements and achieved >= 85 Google Lighthouse score across all key measurements

Leadership Roles

Society of Software Developers - Outreach Officer

Outreach officer for the best comp-sci club on UF 😎

  • Developed flyers and announcements for club workshops, socials, and meetups.
  • Collaborated with inter-collegiate engineering-related student organizations (namely FIU) to increase SSD member participation in ShellHacks 2023.
  • Leading a Workshop that serves as an introduction to infrastructure and application observability.